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spinning the glider world on its head

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the Freedom Disk

The Freedom Disk is a revolutionary answer to traditional treadmills. With holes that allow for waste to fall through there is no need for a fleece cover, so your small animal will have a cleaner play surface and you will have an easier time cleaning. The Freedom Disk is made of the same ABS plastic as the new Freedom wheels you know and love, making for a sturdy and reliable exercise solution. The Freedom Disk has two height options making it easy for you to choose your animal's ideal play surface. We know you and your animals are going to love the new Freedom Disk, but don't take our word for it! Check out what our testers had to say. 

"I love how easy it is to clean and keep sanitary.. My sugar gliders love it. ... they are on it all night. It’s so easy for them to run on. Even use it during tent time.. It would also be great for traveling."

- Cris Stemile 

"I received the Freedom Disk to test. My gliders love it. It’s sturdy and well made. The options of height and height adjustments are great for me. I also like that I can use a cover or not depending on what my gliders prefer. I had no issues at all with the Freedom Disk and feel it is completely safe. And they match my wheels so that’s a bonus." 

- Christy Prentice

"So I was one of the lucky ones who got to test the Freedom Disk! My gliders absolutely love it, even my weirdos who obsessed over the holes because any cover for other treadmills fits on it nicely and then everyone is happy. It's very light weight, meaning my older gliders as well as the young ones can use it easily. It's easy to clean too! I definitely recommend buying one for all your cages." - ​ Artemis Marie

"I have been using the freedom disk for months now and love it! It is a great size for temp cages and large cages. I use it with a momma who had babies in pouch when it put the freedom disk in there. The babies are now grown and loving playing on it with their mom. Highly recommend and super easy to clean! Love the new product!!!" - ​ Hope Kerr

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